For shops / dukas / kiosks

Say Goodbye to Pen and Paper

Record your sales as you sell

Our Products

We have two versions of simplePOS

For dukas

shops / dukas / kiosks / salons / barbershops

Android App

simplePOS is ideal for small businesses that typically record everything in a book. Runs on the simplest Android phone. Features include

  • Create your own inventory
  • Record every sale you make
  • View daily, monthly sales reports
  • Secure cloud storage of your data
  • Shops / Users so far - ¡2,100!
simplePOS Elite
For businesses with distribution networks

manufacturers / suppliers / salespeople / regions

Mobile | Web
Android App | dedicated web app

simplePOS Elite is ideal for business with salespeople around a country that manage various regions and / or customers

  • Add your salespeople and assign region/s
  • Create your own inventory
  • Add your customers in different regions
  • Receive orders from salespeople on behalf of customers in their regions
  • Easily manage collections from salespeople
  • View account receivables on customers the customer manages
  • Companies using so far - ¡1!
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Affiliate / Partner

Join our affiliate / partner program if you are a distributor / supplier


simplePOS Affiliate


  • Create an account
  • Add your products
  • Create a Promo Code
  • Ask shops to download simplePOS from Google Playstore and use your Promo Code to register
  • Ask your customers (shops) to order your products from simplePOS
  • Login to your simplePOS Affiliate Account to see latest orders



We believe in using existing networks to create more value. We value your netowrk. Benefits of being a simplePOS partner include

  • Revenue share
  • Future direct ordering of your products
  • Product Promotion
  • Competitive analysis

Our Story

simplePOS was informed and created after realising that small businesses all over write down their sales on paper that is often lost or smudged making it difficult for them to accurately track their sales, inventory and learn how their business is doing.

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